Trinidad Concrete Products Company Limited is a third-generation family-owned and operated manufacturing establishment, registered in 1933 in Trinidad and Tobago.

For 90 years, the company has manufactured products for the construction industry, being the first factory of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago or the Caribbean to produce concrete blocks, and later concrete floor tiles, drainage pipe and other precast items.  The company ventured into the production of PVC pipe in the early 1970’s, and today, the manufacture of PVC pipe and fittings is our core business.

This year, we’re filled with immense gratitude as we mark a momentous milestone in our journey. For 90 incredible years, TRICON has been a manufacturer for the construction industry, contributing to the development of our nation.

From our humble beginnings to becoming a major exporter, our commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability has stood the test of time. Our foundation is built on the hard work and dedication of every member of our TRICON family, and the trust of our valued partners and customers.

As we look back on nine decades of innovation and progress, we’re also looking forward to the future with excitement. We’re not just celebrating the past; we’re reimagining what the next 90 years will bring to our business and our role in the development of our twin islands and the Caribbean at large.

Thank you for being part of our journey. Here’s to the management and staff over the years, the dreamers, and everyone who’s helped us reach this remarkable milestone. Let’s continue building together, creating a Caribbean of endless possibilities.

To eliminate the conflict in the minds of our customers between the ‘Concrete Products’ name and our PVC products, we changed the name to TRICON and the trademark with the notable triangular logo, originally created for the PVC pipe, became our company’s symbol.

We grew organically to become a stable, profitable, mid-sized manufacturing company, recognised for the quality and reliability of our products. In constant pursuit of excellence, TRICON was certified to the ISO-9001 standard in 2004. Our products are manufactured to international standards to meet the requirements of our diverse client base throughout the Caribbean.

In 2015, with the transition of management to the third family generation, the organisation was restructured into an administrative holding company, reverting to the name Trinidad Concrete Products Co. Ltd, and a wholly owned manufacturing subsidiary known as TRICON Company Limited.  We supply and service our various markets and industry sectors through a network of distributors with whom we have built strong partnerships.

What started as the values of one of the founding families has turned into a company-wide credo that guides and empowers every employee – we believe in the sanctity of work and the pursuit of excellence, finding joy in working together.  
Our Company strives to serve the communities in which we do business and the people with whom we do business, in particular the people we employ, by maintaining a profitable and viable work environment that enables our people to take advantage of opportunities to enhance their abilities and build better lives.

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